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“No Chinese Allowed” signs seen around universities in Melbourne

According to the local Australian Chinese media publications Melbourne Today and Melbourne WeLife, anti-Chinese posters have been plastered around prestigious universities such as Monash University and the University of Melbourne.




No Chinese are allowed within this area. If intrusion occurs, deportation will likely happen.


Posters were emblazoned with the National Union of Students (NUS), Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) and the Monash Students Association Logos (MSA).


The CSSA have already replied that the logos were used without their consent and they do not in anyway support the messages written on the offensive flyers.


Melbourne Today reported that Chinese native speakers were able to work out the discrepancies and grammatical errors within the flyers. For instance, there was a Japanese Kanji character used in place of the Chinese Hanzi character 将, showing that the creator of the flyers most likely had a poor grasp of cultural differences. The grammar and sentence structure is also very robotic, likely due to translation software use.


Furthermore they reported that the Melbourne International Students Clubs found an hyperlink to the Antipodean Resistance website on the back of one of the flyers.


Antipodean Resistance, a white nationalist group, seem to be the most likely source of these flyers. It is most likely they used the logos of the NUS, MSA and CSSA to spread their hateful messages towards the Chinese community and to sow discord among Melburnians.

Views of the Chinese Liberals

PLEASE NOTE: These are mostly the views of the Nouveau Riche and International Students who came post 2000, as well as the Chinese Liberal Association. Not all Chinese people have these views.

Recently, the Liberal Party have been working hard on the Chinese community in their 2016 Federal Election campaign, announcing Chinese background candidates such as George Hua and Phillip Liu in safe Labor seats in order to garner more Chinese votes. However, the most outspoken is a certain councillor Kelvin Ho.

Glen Iris City Councillor Kelvin Ho, speaks out his views on the election. He is very active on WeChat, the social networking tool of choice for Chinese people at the moment. Currently he is in multiple different Chinese community WeChat groups, where he popularly spreads his agenda.



Kelvin Ho:

Every three years, Australian citizens exercise their voting power to decide the future of the nation. If Labor is elected, Chinese people will meet with very unfavourable circumstances. They are opposed to the Australian-Chinese Free Trade Agreement and they also have tried to create laws to stop Chinese investments, then also allow huge amounts of Asylum seekers to enter our borders who will further burden our hard working tax payers. Friends, it is now your chance to use your holy vote, to support your dream policies, help us on election day.

Kelvin Ho then replies to an unknown person in regards to why they should vote for the Liberal party. (WeChat doesn’t let you see comments from other people unless you are also mutual friends).

Kelvin Ho:


The Australian election will happen on the 2nd of July! The differences between Liberal and Labor are:

  1. Liberal have always been kind to the Chinese; Labor only talk about how Chinese people are stealing local jobs!
  2. The Liberal Party is very positive towards skilled migration, foreign investment; Labor are protectionists.
  3. The Liberal Party seek to have a fair society, where the harder you work, the more you get in return; whilst Labor steals tax money to support lazy people.
  4. The Liberal Party is all cutting governmental spending and taxes, you can do what you want with the money you own; the Labor Party is all about taking your money and spending it.
  5. Liberal supports entrepreneurs, especially for small business; Labor refuses to cut taxes for small businesses.
  6. The Liberal Party supports a free market, having trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea in order to build the economy; Labor and the unions are absolutely opposed to Chinese investments.

Enough on the views of Kelvin Ho, here are the viewpoints of his supporters in his newly created WeChat group for the election.



It’s all logically very simple. If you are poor, you support Labor. If you are a businessmen, a person who makes money, you will support Liberal. Only by making money and creating more business can you give more tax to the country, then will the nation be better! Stupid cunt Labor only knows how to spend money not how to make good policies for businesses


You Zhi Zhe Shi Jing Cheng:

Labor are so similar to the Chinese Communist party 😀



Deakin Big Police:

If we look at it on the left-right spectrum, Labor are equal to communist parties or perhaps socialist parties

Similar to the North Korean Worker’s Party


IMG_4290 (1)

Cowboy Dick:

Those who are poor but with ambition should vote for Liberal, those who are poor and have given up on life should vote for Labor

Now, that’s enough for now. Please bear in mind, as a long standing member of the Chinese community, these people are currently the majority of the new overseas Chinese community in Melbourne.

Trying to Fit in with Self Deprecating Humour

Oh, you might have seen pictures of this “Asian female P plater #noshame” driver floating around Facebook, Reddit or other media, and it should really irk you. It only reinforces the nation that the self derogatory identity crisis of Asians  stay even when you’re an adult.

You’re probably thinking why if this matters at all, she’s probably just making a joke. Yes she is, she’s making a joke at the expense of other Asians, Asians who might think that their race does not denote whether they are a good driver or not.

She cannot be the one to blame, it’s a society wide problem, where Asians in Australia or in the west in general, have an identity crisis. She is a reflection of a reinforcement of stereotypes, a racial group in which the majority are seen as perpetually different. These generalisations stick. Think about the Asian kids who want to be in an industry to do with driving, be it a race car driver or just a simple delivery person, how do you think they’d feel?

Most Asians go through a phase of ignorance and consistently deprecate themselves to fit in, myself included. I used to make jokes about my own eyes when I was in primary school. I did not stop until I graduated from highschool, in which an incident in one of my first university classes changed me. An Asian student picked up a pen that a White classmate had dropped. He threw it back and missed.

“Sorry I’m Asian and I can’t throw”

The White classmate chuckled. The Asian classmate gave a sad smile. I think it was in that moment, I saw how cringe-worthy it was. I, might not be the best athlete but I do think myself capable of performing physical activities with hand eye co-ordination with no issue.

What I am trying to state, is that if you’re an Asian, don’t let others hold you back, don’t let stereotype and generalisations bind you. Look at people like Jeremy Lin, who fought against racism and constant discrimination to make it into the NBA, they used to tell him to go to band practice, when he turned up for basketball. Your life is not define by your ATAR or GPA. We are all human, and we might not all start off with a blank slate due to the contexts of where we are born, but it is close enough to one if you are lucky enough, and you should choose or try to amend whether you excel at something or not.


Chinese Students Allegedly Robbed By Armed Men – Alleged Police Inaction

Please all take this with a grain of salt, as this is only one side of the story.

The story has flared up once again in terms of Chinese students being allegedly  robbed. This horribly written article though quite informational, documents the robberies which I will translate.

I will not translate the two previous cases again, which I have covered already over here.

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Chinese Students Allegedly Robbed On University Campus

According to this news story from the Melbourne Chinese Youth Club, a group of 5 African men have been allegedly robbing university students near the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus. This alleged group have been mainly targeting international students for their expensive smartphones.

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