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New Age of Mythology Expansion Brings Good and Bad News

Good news, After a long 12 year wait, Age of Mythology fans will finally receive a new expansion! It’s called Tale of the Dragon, and set to be released on the 28th of January, 2016.

I myself, being Chinese, is extra excited that the new expansion focuses on the Chinese pantheon. Having loved Age of Mythology when it was first released, back when I was in primary school. I used to grind out on the demo of the game for hours, as I could not afford the full game. Once, I was able to buy the full game with the Titan expansion, the first thing I did when I got home, was always to load up the game. Now it’s going to be even better, being able to play as a pantheon of Gods that I can culturally relate to.

Sadly though, there’s been quite some controversy in regards to the artwork of the new game, and this where the bad news begins.

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Toxic Asian Players, Not Everyone Can Be the Protagonist – League of Legends OCE


OCE is famous for being one of the most toxic League of Legends regions, but there are a subgroup of players that have ascended the levels of toxicity beyond what was thought humanely capable.

The question is, why are these  players so toxic? What drives them to insult people or AFK from one death? What makes them feel so blameless? What coerces them to buy multiple accounts? What makes them type “sb” in the middle of teamfights? There could be a million questions but I’m going to answer only a few.

This is a guide for those who have been scarred.

Note:  Please remember that these players only represent a minority of the people in Asian countries. Imagine the social outcasts and neckbeard basement dweller types, or just generally disconnected rich people.

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Behind LPL’s Failures – Society is the Issue


LPL and the CSL, the demented connection, it’a nationwide problem

The poorly name Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in China is famous for it’s extravagant spending, oddly named teams and signing of Korean pros as. It’s almost a complete replication of the other types of sports and entertainment leagues that exist in China.

The premier association football competition of China is the Chinese Super League (CSL), I like to think the ‘super’ relates to the cash. It’s famous for it’s extravagant spending, oddly named clubs and signings of Brazilians. Sound familiar?

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