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Using Animal Rights As A Veil

Please note: Before you read this article, please understand that I do not condone the harm of animals in anyway.


Albert Wang and Leo Zhao both Chinese international students were charged in late 2015 for an incident related to the beating of animals, here is a link to the video (NSFW). Wang was charged with community service, a fine and a ban on owning animals.

Wang’s purchase of another Husky emotionally triggered Claudia Baker to start a petition to deport the offenders. At the time of writing this article the petition has already reached around 5500 signatures, quickly closing on it’s goal of 7500. I do not know why 7500 is the goal, perhaps it is Peter Dutton’s favourite number.

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Lying Apologetically – Councillor Kelvin Ho

Thank you to Same Same and Crikey who helped to push this story forward enough,so that at the very least we got an apology of some sort sort. Even if it is filled with lies and insincerity .

Cr Ho Right of Reply 28062016 – link to the PDF of the apology.

Let’s go through his lies, one by one.

Councillor Ho: Late last week a number of social media outlets started to report on comments that I had made in a private WeChat group.

The HighFun Wechat group is a public WeChat group. Highfun Media, regularly uses it akin to a Facebook page to post their streams and media releases. Anyone can join and there is no application process.

Councillor Ho: The comments were on the topic of same sex marriage. I am very disappointed that through translation from Chinese to English these comments have been misinterpreted to allege that I think that there is a connection between same sex marriage and bestiality.

I have been able to get a quote from Dr Fran Martin, from the University of Melbourne, who is a published professor in these topics, that the translations are accurate.

Councillor Ho: This is not true and I apologise for any offence that has occurred. I have no objection to same sex marriage but was repeating comments that I had heard from other sources to show that there is a variety of views in the public on this issue.I realise now that sharing these comments, even though they were not my own, was insensitive and hurtful to people from the LGBTI community and has caused offence. I offer my sincere apology to the community and to the Council. Cr Kelvin Ho

If Kelvin Ho didn’t mean what he said and was so sorry, then why did he ask the rest of the chat group to change their display name and picture to his?


Kelvin Ho (Yalichao): Haha, then everyone should change their name and picture to mine, then they won’t be able to tell which one is which. Good plan

PCC: I’ll become Yalichuan…

Yailbiao: Yaliguo

Lei: Hahaha, Yalibiao…your name is so funny…hahaha

Okay, I have 71 screenshots to be translated but honestly the other matter is just boring stuff, where he diverts his supporters to berate me for destroying his ‘freedom of speech’ and saying that I’m a ‘small man’ for even caring about what he says. Anyway, those are just personal attacks. I won’t translate all sexual flirting he does with women in the chat rooms.

I have already been removed from one chat room, and people have been telling me that he is furthering the hate of refugees/other immigrants/LGBTI people still in those other chat rooms. If I was to release all the screenshots, then you’d have a pretty poor view of this section of the Chinese community, where most of the people agree with his discriminating comments towards refugees and the LGBTI community.


Liberal Councillor Says Same Sex Marriage Leads to Bestiality


Liberal members have been campaigning heavily within Chinese chatrooms on the social networking application known as “WeChat”. It is has become incredibly hard to not find a Liberal member spreading their agenda. Once certain prolific member is Glen Eira City Councillor Kelvin Ho. He has recently been featured on my blog quite a few times, but recently he has gone into overdrive mode in regards to spreading his conservative and even extremist views.

IMG_4302 (1)


Proof that this is Calvin Ho’s WeChat account, he goes by the username, Yalichao. Same profile photo as well. Also multiple photos of himself giving speeches to the Chinese community on his ‘Moments’ (similar to a Facebook wall).



“I suddenly wonder … is the ultimate aim of homosexuals sex with someone of their same sex? In that case I’m sure that bestiality occurred in ancient times as well…. so… is that genetic too? So i don’t think that the ancient practice of (men) keeping toyboys in ancient times can really advance this case


Councillor Kelvin Ho:

“Sam, you’ve hit the nail on the head, at the moment the problem is that same sex legislation has become trendy meaning it will probably pass. Experts warn that if the legislation passes then it is likely that bestiality laws will come next, then what? Australia follows case law, which means that once a precedent has been set, then a debate can occur, which is when the real problem arises”


I have more of Kelvin’s conservative outlook saved, but I trust that no one really wants to hear what he says, so I will keep them safe unless people ask.



Trying to Fit in with Self Deprecating Humour

Oh, you might have seen pictures of this “Asian female P plater #noshame” driver floating around Facebook, Reddit or other media, and it should really irk you. It only reinforces the nation that the self derogatory identity crisis of Asians  stay even when you’re an adult.

You’re probably thinking why if this matters at all, she’s probably just making a joke. Yes she is, she’s making a joke at the expense of other Asians, Asians who might think that their race does not denote whether they are a good driver or not.

She cannot be the one to blame, it’s a society wide problem, where Asians in Australia or in the west in general, have an identity crisis. She is a reflection of a reinforcement of stereotypes, a racial group in which the majority are seen as perpetually different. These generalisations stick. Think about the Asian kids who want to be in an industry to do with driving, be it a race car driver or just a simple delivery person, how do you think they’d feel?

Most Asians go through a phase of ignorance and consistently deprecate themselves to fit in, myself included. I used to make jokes about my own eyes when I was in primary school. I did not stop until I graduated from highschool, in which an incident in one of my first university classes changed me. An Asian student picked up a pen that a White classmate had dropped. He threw it back and missed.

“Sorry I’m Asian and I can’t throw”

The White classmate chuckled. The Asian classmate gave a sad smile. I think it was in that moment, I saw how cringe-worthy it was. I, might not be the best athlete but I do think myself capable of performing physical activities with hand eye co-ordination with no issue.

What I am trying to state, is that if you’re an Asian, don’t let others hold you back, don’t let stereotype and generalisations bind you. Look at people like Jeremy Lin, who fought against racism and constant discrimination to make it into the NBA, they used to tell him to go to band practice, when he turned up for basketball. Your life is not define by your ATAR or GPA. We are all human, and we might not all start off with a blank slate due to the contexts of where we are born, but it is close enough to one if you are lucky enough, and you should choose or try to amend whether you excel at something or not.


Chinese Students Allegedly Robbed By Armed Men – Alleged Police Inaction

Please all take this with a grain of salt, as this is only one side of the story.

The story has flared up once again in terms of Chinese students being allegedly  robbed. This horribly written article though quite informational, documents the robberies which I will translate.

I will not translate the two previous cases again, which I have covered already over here.

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Little Emperors and Right Winged Views

Now, this might seem like a continuation of the post “Chinese Students Allegedly Robbed on Campus” but it’s really not, it’s more of a rant on how disconnected with reality the nouveau riche Chinese are.  Yes, I have covered this subject before but it’s become a thorn in my mind, something I cannot get my mind off. So pretty much, the Africans robbing Chinese news is once again being spread around the Australian Chinese community. Now, I am all for spreading news in order to ensure the safety of others, but what I am not happy for, is the racially charged agenda behind most of these news stories.

Before you scroll down and read, these comments and views are mostly held by a super rich and spoiled minority, and not all Chinese people. They are grouped as Tuhao 土豪 (uncouth nouveau riche), Fuerdai 富二代(second generation rich), Guanerdai 官二代(second generation official) in China.

Now, bear in mind, these people that I am talking about, are the Gina Rineharts of the East. They have no idea that people actually have to go out and work to get money. They have no idea that you actually have to pay back the money on your credit card. No, they live their lives with little responsibility, they live their lives with the world focused onto them. They are the protagonist. 

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Protests across US set over officer Peter Liang’s conviction – Global Times

This is going to be a short post, mainly to spread awareness on Peter Liang’s situation.

More than 10,000 people will reportedly join rallies across the US next week to protest the conviction of a Chinese-American police officer for killing a man with a bullet which ricocheted, with the local Chinese-American community calling the verdict a “result of politics, not justice.”

Source: Protests across US set over officer Peter Liang’s conviction – Global Times

Finally the Asian community is fighting back over the injustice of Peter Liang’s conviction of manslaughter. Liang has been used a scapegoat by the NYPD, making him an representative of police shootings. It is very odd indeed that Liang was one of the very few convicted for an accidental shooting whilst many Caucasian police officers have gotten away free of charge, for instance Pantaleo’s fatal choking. In other cases much further reduced charges, for instance this police officer only received one year for manslaughter. Privilege or justice?

Help spread awareness of this racially motivated decision, hopefully Liang will get a fairer trial. Check out this analysis of the jury, to see how skewed it was.


Chinese Students Allegedly Robbed On University Campus

According to this news story from the Melbourne Chinese Youth Club, a group of 5 African men have been allegedly robbing university students near the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus. This alleged group have been mainly targeting international students for their expensive smartphones.

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Personal Rants and Opinions #1 – Wongfu, Rich Kids and Dirk

Hmm, I’ve been procrastinating for a few days, not really doing much but eating and sleeping. There’s so much on my mind but I don’t know how to express myself, it’s all very murky. I’ve decided to just start a series of personal opinions and rants in regards to some topics I don’t want to go too in-depth with. Continue reading