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Comfort Women, Australian Guilt and Response

The issue of comfort women have come up again and this time even closer to home. No, I am not talking about my mind. I am talking about Australia, where I live. Jan Ruff-O’Herne, now 93, was a victim of the massive sexual slavery program now commonly known as comfort women. Jan’s brave fight for justice has seen little opposition with the Australian public, except for a few Japanese enthusiasts.  She has also inspired the local Chinese population into, once again, thinking about asking for the justice that thousands of living women in China have not received.

“The tears were streaming down my face as he raped me. It seemed as though he would never stop,”

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The Absurdity of Harry Potter’s New Magic School in Asia

J.K Rowling recently announced the inclusion of a few new wizarding schools into the Harry Potter world. The Japanese one, Mahoutokoro, caught my eye. Especially in where it’s geographically placed.

I just have lots of questions to ask.

Well Mahoutokoro resides on the summit of Minami Iwo Jima. It’s not exactly inconspicuous in any manner, compared to the other schools. Brazil’s  Castelobruxo is described to be somewhere within the rainforests. Uagadou is mentioned to be in “The Mountains of the Moon” and no one really knows where it is. Meanwhile Mahoutokoro is given an actual named non-fiction island.

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The Deal of Injustice Towards Comfort Women

Okay, this is going to be filled with anger and salt. There’s going to be lots of rushed grammar mistakes but I beg of you to read into this issue. This is a very short post that’s only here to tell you of the problem and there are many different parts of the conflict I implore you to research at your danger, as much of the history is extremely not safe for work.

Recently the Japanese and South Korean governments have agreed on a deal in resolving the the dispute of Japanese war crimes, predominantly comfort women. The paltry sum of $8.3 million isn’t even a fucking band aid, it’s an insult to the thousands of surviving comfort women that have endured decades of suffering and denial from the Japanese government.

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