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Chinese firm, Poly Real Estate, allegedly has discriminatory hiring policies against Chinese Australians and prefers ‘local Whites’

The original story was published  last year in mid-October by Melbourne Today, a local Chinese WeChat media company. At the time, I was very busy and overseas so I did not have enough time to actually look at the issue more closely, but the allegations were definitely very inflammatory: Chinese discriminating against Chinese!

The story goes that last year, a man under the pseudonym ‘Mr Yang’ reported that he was racially discriminated against by a Chinese company during recruiting. Mr Yang reported that the company had a sudden change in recruitment policy, after he had successfully progressed through the initial round of interviews. The company allegedly abruptly told him:

Company policies have changed, we are now only hiring local Whites

Yang reported this story to Melbourne Today, who did not disclose the alleged employer in question. Instead, hiding their identity by covering up their name.

Luckily though, Melbourne Today left enough evidence for me to do a quick google search using the exact words function in combination with the hiring criteria to find the alleged employer.

By typing in “Must be fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) & English both in writing and oral”, exactly into google’s advanced search, I was able to find the alleged company, as there was only one result, which also matched the period of the article.

google search

Furthermore, the hiring details also match the other evidence, such as the position available which was a “Market Research Analyst Assistant”.

polyglobal market research assistant job

And sure enough, PolyGlobal or Poly Australia, is a Chinese company. On their LinkedIn page, it says that they are an subsidiary of Poly Real Estate Group Limited.

polyglobal australia linkedin page.png

Poly Real Estate Group Limited or Baoli Dichan 保利地产 in Chinese, is one of China’s and also the world’s largest real estate development companies.

Funnily enough, I actually found some Poly Global hiring advertisements on Melbourne Today, as they had been using their website as a hiring platform. The use of this service is, however, totally free so Melbourne Today would not be getting paid. What I suspect is that Melbourne Today would be rather afraid to go head to head with Poly Real Estate, as they are a behemoth in terms of power within the Chinese community.


I have already contacted PolyGlobal and is waiting on their response. I will post their response as soon as it arrives.



PolyGlobal have replied and denied the allegations.


Dear Michael,

Thank you for your enquiry. Poly Australia is proud to have an incredibly diverse workforce of 60+ employees who reflect the nature of the Australian population.  We strive to be a valuable member of the community and contribute to Australia through our work and our people.

Poly Australia’s recruitment policy is to appoint candidates based on their professional skills, capabilities, fitness to each individual role as well as the company’s organisational culture, we also prioritise internal promotions.

At Poly Australia, each employment opportunity is awarded upon merit, and we take pride in ensuring that we have appointed the best possible candidate for each role, regardless of ethnicity.

Should you wish, we would welcome the opportunity to arrange for you to visit our office, speak with some of our team and experience the culture within our team.


Jay Carter



Chinese Students Considering Other Countries After University Fees Hike

The Turnbull government plans to slash funding to universities as well as to raise student fees. This news has spread like wildfire throughout the Australian Chinese community resulting in many negative responses.

Sensationalist Wechat social news stories already popped up days before with speculative fee rises.


Melbourne ShenghuoZiXun speculated a 40% increase on the 29th of April

Respondents originally were skeptical that the Turnbull government would go through with such cuts.


Translation: Logic tells me this isn’t possible, as increasing fees by 40% would destroy the competitiveness of the Australian education industry, really shooting themselves in the foot here…

Other replies were far more extreme, with many students considering other overseas education options already.


Translation: I”ll probably do my masters in England then


Translation: As I transfer to Canada, I tearfully wave farewell to Australia


As major Australian newspapers confirmed the speculation and that fees will likely rise by 25%, Chinese social media groups such as JuAo catches on.

I asked Chinese international students around me if they think it’ll affect them.


Translation: Yes it will affect me, well at least I’m going to persuade my sister not to come. Originally I was hoping she’d come when over once she got a bit older, but she might as well go to Canada now. Australia’s living costs are quickly catching to England, which I am also fond


Translation: Well, I don’t really want to stay in Australia anymore

There will likely be more negative press in regards to fee rises within the overseas Chinese social media circle. Sydney Today and Melbourne Today, the two biggest Chinese social media publications are still discussing foreign investment choices and have yet to comment on this matter.

Tsai looking to provoke China through another phonecall and joining US military kickstarter

According to Reuters, President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-Wen does not rule out another phone call with US President Donald Trump.

“We have the opportunity to communicate more directly with the U.S. government,” Tsai told Reuters in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

“We don’t exclude the opportunity to call President Trump himself, but it depends on the needs of the situation and the U.S. government’s consideration of regional affairs.” – Tsai Ing-Wen (Reuters)

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Little Emperors Abroad

A recent article on a Chinese media article from a Chinese overseas community website caught my eye. It was a report on the hospitalisation Chinese actress Li Bing Bing whilst filming in Australia. Now the article with a link here states that Li Bing Bing’s Australian doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause of Li’s flu.  The reason, this article caught my eye was the comments of the netizens that were placed along with the article, that was used as a sort of ‘evidence’ in that Australian healthcare was inferior to that of the Chinese system.

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