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Questions for Liberal Chisholm Candidate Gladys Lius from her Former Donors

Any anonymous e-mail from a former Gladys Liu donor was sent to me 3 years ago. I have tried contacting various news outlets to get this news out there but none have been interested so I am going to publish whatever information I have in my hands right now that is in my hands. Please note that I am impartial and that is published are just the facts and information I have gathered.

Gladys Liu is now the current Liberal Party candidate for Chisholm in the upcoming 2019 Federal elections.

This is the e-mail I received from the anonymous complainant. The main basis of the complaint was that Gladys had mislead this donor, saying she was already a member and not a candidate.

anonymous e-mail.PNG

I responded asking the person for a face to face interview but they refused, as they had fears of reprisal from the Chinese Liberal voters.


Attached to the e-mail, was this photo of a wine bottle. The label reads in Chinese  “Victorian Liberal Party Upper Legislative Council Liao Chan E (Gladys Liu)”

As you can see the photo corroborates the claims of the the complainant, in which it labels her as of the upper house in the Victorian parliament  in a vague way and not just a candidate. This can, however, potentially mislead someone skimming over the text as the characters only have to be 议员 (Yi4 Yuan2) instead of 议院 (Yi2 Yuan4) to be read as “Member of the Legislative Council”.


I was able to ask Gladys Liu, the current Liberal candidate for Chilsholm in the 2019 Federal Elections regarding the wine.

confirmation of sales glady response.png

She responded that the wine was not for sale and was just a gift to donors that donated.


I was then able to cross reference this with an attendee of one of her donation dinners during 2014 which featured many notable names such as former Lord Mayor of Melbourne, John So and former Victorian State Premier Ted Baillieu. The person answering these questions aren’t either of the former and wished to keep their identity totally anonymous out of fear. confirmation of wine was for sale.png


Them: I don’t know anything about this donation thing

Them: It was just an auction at the banquet

Me: So the wine was auctioned off for donations?

Them: Disguised election funding

This attendee of the charity event says that the wine was auctioned off for donations, which fits with the complainant’s story but not that of Gladys Liu’s who says the win was an additional gift for donors.

Anyway, these are all the facts that I have been able to collect regarding the story. If you have anything else, please contact me at