Chinese woman tells an Australian Chinese mother to ‘Go back to China’


Australian local Chinese media Sydney Today reported that a Sydney mother of Chinese descent was allegedly verbally abused by another Chinese woman while shopping.

Emmy, the mother, was shopping in Westfield Penrith in Sydney with her child, when the incident occurred. This is the story she gave to Sydney Today.

Emmy says that she was shopping away in a supermarket aisle with her child. A Chinese woman came over, she didn’t say anything instead raised a finger at her and gestured for her to move. Emmy then  pushed her trolley to one side to let her through and told the Chinese woman that she should have enough room to go through now.

The woman then told her to get her stuff and leave. The stranger then started shouting expletives in very fluent Chinese at Emmy, before ending it off with a multilingual attack:

Chinese! Go away! ,  离开澳洲! (Get out of Australia!)

Emmy then described how her daughter squeezed her hand out of fear and shock. Emmy also added that the accused woman “Never asked me to make room for her, she only gestured. There was definitely a tone of arrogance and privilege”

The incident didn’t end there, as Emmy then reported it to the shopkeeper, but as she did so, the allegedly rude woman than came running over and said in Chinese  “You think you have reason? You were blocking my way!”

Emmy tried to tell her version of the story to the shopkeeper, saying that she had made way for her to go past. This, however, only infuriated the woman even more, as she said “It’s for me to decide if I can go past, you should just leave after getting what you needed”

Journalists at Sydney Today were told by Emmy that her daughter kept repeating the insults after the incident:

Chinese, go away!

离开澳洲,滚回你中国去! (Get out of Australia, go back to China!)

Emmy soon couldn’t take it anymore and counterattacked, asking the woman:

“Do you think you’ve changed your ancestry? Do you think you’re Australian now? Aren’t you Chinese too?”

The woman replied  with “So what!” “You make me speechless”

Soon everyone cooled down at the behest of the shopkeeper,  as he empathized with Emmy and asked them to stop fighting for the sake of his business.

The allegedly rude woman than left the shop with her partner, who was waiting at the entrance for her.


The alleged woman with her partner – Photo from Sydney Today

Emmy said that she was shocked, as she’s been in Australia for 10 years already and this was the first time something like this has happened to her. That a woman who could speak such Chinese like a native would attack her like a racist. She hopes that other people of Chinese descent do not like at like this, or how else would Chinese people be able to gain respect as a minority in Australia if we don’t respect ourselves.


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