‘Alt’ Politics and Chinese Youth, a potentially scary development

White supremacy becoming popular in China seems like something that’d be akin to ‘when pigs fly’ or ‘when hell freezes over’ but it is an actual occurrence.

I was made aware of the popularity of alt right ideology in China through socialising with local university students in Beijing. Islamophobic and anti-African statements were a common staple within our conversations, and sometime it was even edged on by foreign White exchange students.

Amidst all the “herros” I’ve heard done purposely to amuse their western friends, what let me flabbergasted was the talk of how the Chinese race must be kept ‘pure’, that mixing with brown and black people was wrong. The odd part of all this racist talk, was that Caucasians were somehow part of the ‘pure Chinese’ group, and that it was fine to mix with them, as it was ‘elevating’ the Chinese people.



Don’t call me Laowai – Expat Rights

Social media accounts on the WeChat platform seem to be one of the key factors in instigating this type of xenophobic thought pattern. Alt right keyboard warriors from the west have set up shop on the Chinese social media platform. They have hid under the guise of ‘expat rights’ to support their white supremacy movements.


A Beijing Normal University student espoused the importance of Chinese purity and how that ‘racism’ is not exactly wrong and that perhaps I have been brainwashed by the ‘left’ in the west and attacked me saying I require further study in such matters.


Admitting racism among these student but they will try to deflect it as something else. For instance ‘cultural racism’ and ‘physical racism’ were counted as different by this particular student, she said that she didn’t think that others weren’t physically inferior just culturally inferior.

Whether this is just a passing fad or will this phenomenon stay, is still to be seen. But for now, if you do encounter some university students in Beijing being openly racist, please send me the details, I am very curious as to why this is happening.




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1 thought on “‘Alt’ Politics and Chinese Youth, a potentially scary development

  1. Kaz

    It’s the success of the China Dream abroard. It’s leading to nativist tendencies (purity of the race, preservation of the race, etc). I feel Lu Xun’s observations are relevant.



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