Why the BBC is Dead Wrong about Red Guards and the Maryland Issue. Ms Yangs are a scourge upon Asian society.

Carrie Gracie, another so called non-Chinese ‘foreign expert’ has gone to the point of illustrating any opposition to the glorious Western thought as new ‘Red Guards’. She is writing from the perspective of a person who not received racial discrimination for their skin colour.

China is once again prey to political groupthink and fear – Carrie Grace

How is this not insulting to Chinese people all over the world? She’s pointing out that Chinese people are easily brainwashed and manipulated.

Why Ms Yang’s comments struck a chord with so many overseas Chinese is because it’s so common.  You know that kid who bashes his own culture to fit in with the whiteys? They call that an Uncle Tom in the African American movement. It’s a terribly horrible feeling, not only do they purposefully setback what activists are doing, they also play into the confirmation bias.

How would Gracie feel if British graduates started their graduation speeches with comments that bashed their home country unfairly. Especially since China is now a leader in green energy and the fact that Yang’s home city of Kunming is one of the cleanest in the country, on par with many Western cities, which makes it all the more perplexing.

Heck, I’m not even from China and I feel it’s disgusting how many White apologists like Carrie Gracie are so easy to come out and defend someone that openly self hates, yet is also comfortable with branding Chinese people as Red Guards. It’s hilarious the cognitive dissonance that Gracie is exhibiting, does she not realise, she is doing exactly what she is accusing Chinese people of?

I myself have seen a similar person, in a recent trip to Shanghai, I was unfortunate enough to be in the company of a girl, who seemed to have an agenda to hate all things Chinese, as her parents who were high up in the Chinese government, had bought her a shiny new Australian passport, that she held up with pride. The first night of the trip, we were in a Nanjing shopping centre, where she kept telling me and another ABC girl about the dangers of Chinese kidnappers and how dangerous China was.

Of course, I just took a mental note. Over the weeks, she became more and more abrasive, she once came up to me and told me how much she hates Chinese men. In Chinese of course, so our mostly Caucasian entourage could not understand. I was a bit flabbergasted, as I was a Chinese man myself, but she said I was different, since I am born in Australia. Anyway, she kept ranting about how Chinese men cheat and lie, and that they are all greedy and lack moral character. This definitely made me change my view on her.

Not including her bashing of Chinese men, she would also tried to persuade me to help her get more White friends, she said something along the lines of “I wouldn’t want so and so to dislike me, they are my only white friends”. Anyway, it seemed like she would do anything to please White people, while simultaneously damage the image of her home country.

The point of it all is that Ms Yang dug her own hole, you should let her sit in it. If you defend her, you are just promoting more Chinese people and minorities to hate on themselves for cheap laughs. Yes, we know you love your Ken Jeongs, but do you really need more clowns to prostrate themselves in front of you?

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