Lin Shan Ju – Homophobic Taiwanese White Supremacist and Ex-Candidate of the One Nation Party

Lin Shan Ju is definitely one of the most perplexing human beings to exist. Lin was apparently born in Taipei, and migrated to Australia. In terms of her career accolades they include:

  • Candidate for Katter’s Australian Party, a party with strong protectionist and Christian roots
  • Candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, a party famous for being anti-Asian, anti-Muslim and anti-multiculturalism. Lin was actually kicked from the One Nation Party, for being even too extreme for them. Her comments against the LGBTI community was just too much for even the posterchild party of bigotry in Australia.
  • President of the World Harmony Society, which makes little sense, as she herself is strongly against China who make up a large chunk of the world’s population.

Lin is also an avid Trump fan, but she has yet to work out the retweet button, instead opting to take phone screenshots to show her agreement.


Apart from supporting Trump, Lin also loves the American military, especially the Normandy landings. As evidenced by the big chunk of photos she posted about the Normandy landings.


Lin also believes that Australia should only be for Australians.


She also believes that Taiwan should be only for Taiwanese, as evidenced by her support of Taiwanese independence activist Annette Lu.  Not to mention all the photos of her celebrating the DPP’s 2016 electoral victory.

supporter of taiwanese independence

The logic is lost somewhere. For Lin to migrate to Australia, she’d have to move from Taiwan and thus multiculturalism, yet it is everything she opposes. I guess she got in, and everyone else can fuck off? according to the genius Lin anyway.

Lin also equates China to Isis. Saying

Chinese Communist Party and Isis are Satan on earth. They need to be disappeared before world peace could be fulfilled.

In the same interview she also equated Green Tea to poison made by China.

Furthermore, Lin also supports the removal of the 18C Racial Discrimination Act. She doesn’t seem to mind her White supremacist friends making racist Asian jokes, by liking their jokes too.

supports hate speech.jpg

I could go on and on about Lin, but this is a little preview into the mind of a woman who clearly is far removed from reality. You can check out her own Facebook page, if you want to see more, as her page is public. Other stuff that’s noticeable:

  • Participant of Falungong
  • Pro-Japanese sentiment
  • Islamaphobia
  • Somehow heaps of the events she goes to are sponsored by EVA Airlines




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