Racist Chinese WeChat Articles Goes Viral, With Elements of White Supremacy

Before you read this article, you should note that the writer exhibits extreme factors of racial inferiority and white worshipping and does not represent the mindset of all Chinese people. This is the equivalent of Breitbart and Stormfront type posts in the West and the people commenting and writing this stuff do not represent all 1.3 billion people in China. Please do not use racism to fight racism. 

A Chinese WeChat Media page recently posted a racially charged article against migrants of African descent.


The Wechat blog known as 中国华人书画网 or “Website for Chinese Calligraphy” recently veered way off topic from their usual posts about traditional Chinese calligraphy.  Instead an article titled 上万黑人在广州头撒野中国姑娘们一定要自爱 or “Tens of thousands of Africans going wild around the streets of Guangzhou, Chinese girls need to protect themselves was published.  (Note the link might not work unless you open it through the WeChat app)

Instead of the usual few hundred views that a general article published by the blog would get this, this article went viral and soon enough exceeded the view counter, which only goes up to one hundred thousand.


The post featured many classic example of racism that you see all around the Western internet, the lackluster arguments that can be easily debunked with some quick analysis and evidence.



Look at how many Africans there are in Dongguan prison.

crazy population claims.jpg


“Go to China!”, Africans now have a new destination for migration.

By 2009, the population of African immigrants in China had already reached 700 000, mainly young males, with it increasing annually by 30% to 40%. If this was to continue til 2030, then African immigrants will reach a population of 15 million people, then by 2050 it will be 50 million. The mixed yellow and black population will then be around 100 million, taking up approximately one tenth of China’s population. Also, Africans and mixed people will also take up about one quarter of the under 25 demographic by then.

The number are fake beyond belief, not just by the fact that there are no sources backing it up. How does this guy know at what rate Africans and Chinese people intermarry? and what how is he getting these projections?



Africans love playing with girls and sadly Chinese girls also love playing with them. Once there was a Chinese girl who showed off her African boyfriend on the internet, saying that he was American and was very rich. It turned out that he wasn’t American and was actually a broke guy from Africa. Everyone laughed at this Chinese woman, as she had wasted a few years sleeping with this African guy for free. This woman not only did not feel ashamed but instead took it as a symbol of pride, stereotyping that Chinese guy had small penises, saying that at least she didn’t have to fake the pleasure with African guys, speechless!

This excerpt was interesting, as it showed that racist Western stereotypes had seeped into the Sinosphere, of Black men being promiscuous as well as that of Asian men having small penises.



Many Africans come from the areas of Africa with an high infeciton rate of AIDS. From the statistics provided by the City of Guangzhou, AIDS and HIV is growing and things are not looking too good. From looking at the Guangdong Provincial Health Reports, Guangdong in October, 2008 had a increase of 78.5% in AIDS patients from 2007, HIV increased by 46.3% as well since 2007. In 2008, the specialised hospital for AIDS treatment, No. 8 Guangzhou City Hospital, had 360 AIDS inpatients, higher by a third than 2007 numbers, in terms of outpatients there were 600, but in 2008 that number already reached 900.

This is just drawing a wild conclusion out of two seperate arguments. He assumes that because Africa has a high rate of AIDS/HIV, then that must mean the increase in AIDS/HIV infections in the last decade must be to do with African immigrants. He fails to even talk about other factors that are more likely, such as increased sexual freedom, drug use and much more.



Three Africans see that there are no one near the factory, then force a girl to go with them to a discreet place wherehtey take turn raping her, luckily security caught them and stopped them.



You can’t deny that Africans can rap though.

5 Main Points by the Writer on why there should be no race mixing

The writer then goes on to finish off the article with 5 main points on why there shouldn’t be race mixing and here they are summarised:

  1. The Black gene is strong, mixed Children will look more African. He says that mixed children with an Africans parents will look more African and your mixed child will have black skin.
  2. Marrying an African will ensure the failure of your descendants, nation and civisation. He points to India and Brazil, on countries that have failed due to Black migration. Shows the lack of research he has put into his arguments once again.
  3. Africans have low intelligence.
  4. Chinese people and black people have different philosophies and mindsets.
  5. It will lower civilised nature of our offspring. He then goes off and waxes lyrical about how mixing with White people is much prefered, saying that they have many different hair colours and beautiful White skin.

Comments by Readers

Here are some of the highest rate comments translated.



“Like if you agree that Africans should be deported”

“Get out”

“What are the government doing, Africans are so rowdy, yet the police do nothing. If Chinese were the same then the police would have turned violent ages ago. We cannot be more sorry to our ancestors, they never were so endearing to subservient to foreigners. Now that China is so powerful, why are we still licking the faces of foreigners, so embarassing, this is a big problem, China should look at themselves from a better angle.”

Again, I would like to remind you guys, that this is a minor subsection of China who have these views, you have to remember a few thousand people are nothing in terms of the billions that live there. Do not use racism to fight racism!

4 thoughts on “Racist Chinese WeChat Articles Goes Viral, With Elements of White Supremacy

    1. Cheng Post author

      Notice how he seems to praise how White people are superior in his list of points on race mixing.


  1. Luis Miguel

    It’s funny because it’s true, don’t forget hispanic we hispanic we’re tired of niggers and I hope we deport them too.
    The sides are obvious ready for incoming race war.
    Hindus + whites + latinos VS arabs+ niggers
    Respectful and smart black stay in his country, nigger leaves because because he know he is stupid enough to survive.
    Antes que nada soy latino y de sudamerica.


  2. idek

    Chinese annoyed by mass migration to a country no one wanted them in?
    Seems a bit rich gievn how they move to other nations with such ease and expect no one to bat an eyeid at the numbers that spring up seemingly overnight.
    I guess they now know how other around the world feel when the Chinese decide to do the same.
    Come to Sydney or Melbourne and you’ll see what I mean. But we have to say nothing and go about our business and watch as the rude tourists and immigrants demand special treatment.



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