Tsai looking to provoke China through another phonecall and joining US military kickstarter

According to Reuters, President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-Wen does not rule out another phone call with US President Donald Trump.

“We have the opportunity to communicate more directly with the U.S. government,” Tsai told Reuters in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

“We don’t exclude the opportunity to call President Trump himself, but it depends on the needs of the situation and the U.S. government’s consideration of regional affairs.” – Tsai Ing-Wen (Reuters)

Meanwhile she has also expressed in joining in on the US military kickstarter program to ‘purchase’ F-35 fighter jets.

“We don’t rule out any items that would be meaningful to our defence and our defence strategy and the F-35 is one such item,” said Tsai, in the first remarks by a top Taiwanese official on the matter.” – Tsai Ing-Wen (Reuters)

I mean in Australia where I live, we are already on track to spend $17 billion AUD for just 72 Aircraft after a decade of delays. We at least get some jobs out of this, as some of the plane’s parts are made in Australia. I really doubt that the Chinese government would allow the Republic of China (Taiwan) to manufacture warplane parts, when they’ve already opposed Taiwanese purchase of American weapons in the past. This could be words or just another instance of Taiwanese buying American weapons they don’t need as some sort of mafia protection money scheme.

If Tsai does go through with either of these decisions, it is clear that she is abandoning any hopes of revitalising the rosy relationship that previous president Ma had begun to cultivate. Tsai clearly sees that the only path forward for her Taiwan is one of conflict and to move away from the Chinese identity, and she no longer wishes to walk the tightrope of Taiwanese identity politics. With her approval rating dropping to 27% percent she better do something fast or she will become the next Park Geun-Hye, another impeached puppet.


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