Chinese Lives Matter Petition Becoming Viral in the Overseas Chinese Community

UPDATE: The doctor has been confirmed as a Vietnamese American named David Dao and the petition has already exceeded 100 000 signatures.


United Airlines excessive use of force in the removal of an Asian American doctor from a flight has gone viral in the overseas Chinese community.

Overseas Chinese media caught on quickly about the story and went to work with headlines such as:


Headline from Sydney Today, one of Australia’s largest Chinese news group

Translation: “They chose to remove me, because I am Chinese!”, foreign airline oversold tickets and use excessive force to remove a 69 year old Chinese doctor off their plane! Images of his bloodied mouth and unconciouness has incited outrage…

Soon more and more media regarding the incident was being sharedviralpetition2.jpg


A petition was also made is making it’s aways around social media

viral petition 3

viralpetition 3.jpg

Translation: #Petition#  Whitehouse Petition: We would like there to be a deep investiation into the United Airlines incident, once this petition reaches 100 000 signatures action must be taken. This petition was created by Zhang Zishi (Winner of the Diana Award, Chinese youth representative in parliament). I have already signed it.

Here is a link to the petition:

As of this post, it already has more than 40 000 signatures.

Even the Chinese government’s own Global Times have retweeted the petition.  It’s likely to reach the 100 000 target very soon.

6 thoughts on “Chinese Lives Matter Petition Becoming Viral in the Overseas Chinese Community

  1. luis

    Just goes to show how uninformed the people of China are and how quick they are to place blame without having all the facts. Starting a “chinese lives matter” petition for a Vietnamese person is the type of silly thing that happens in China everyday, since no one in China has access to all the facts. This limited access means that in China without all the facts, you can be Chinese or an “expert” but you can’t be both. Being Chinese in mainland China without access to all the facts, means no one in China can be considered an expert at anything. Unless you are looking for an “expert” who is constantly wrong.


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