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Sinophobic Click-Bait Media

The Guardian released a new headline today titled “China’s Tiangong-1 space station ‘out of control’ and will crash to Earth“. 

Independent came up with “China space station Tiangong-1 could secretly be hurtling towards Earth, astronomers say

The infamous Daily Mail opened with “Has China lost control of their space station? Tiangong-1 could be on an uncontrolled collision course with the Earth

The latter two I couldn’t care less about, despite the Daily Mail’s fearmongering claims of ‘raining molten metal’ but the Guardian loses a bit more credibility every time it posts something clearly biased without a clear explanation.

The Real Story:

There isn’t one to really be reported or excited about. Pretty much the Tian Gong 1, has finished it’s life service and will now enter the atmosphere and burn up. It was scheduled to do this.


The Western headlines inferred some type of impending doom. There’s the implication of failed Chinese products, probably because of low quality. Yes, it’s a trend to hate on China and the usual answer is because the government is horrible. Fair enough, but the population and people of China are collaterally hit as well, they will be judged upon with the same lens of being low quality.