Little Emperors and Right Winged Views

Now, this might seem like a continuation of the post “Chinese Students Allegedly Robbed on Campus” but it’s really not, it’s more of a rant on how disconnected with reality the nouveau riche Chinese are.  Yes, I have covered this subject before but it’s become a thorn in my mind, something I cannot get my mind off. So pretty much, the Africans robbing Chinese news is once again being spread around the Australian Chinese community. Now, I am all for spreading news in order to ensure the safety of others, but what I am not happy for, is the racially charged agenda behind most of these news stories.

Before you scroll down and read, these comments and views are mostly held by a super rich and spoiled minority, and not all Chinese people. They are grouped as Tuhao 土豪 (uncouth nouveau riche), Fuerdai 富二代(second generation rich), Guanerdai 官二代(second generation official) in China.

Now, bear in mind, these people that I am talking about, are the Gina Rineharts of the East. They have no idea that people actually have to go out and work to get money. They have no idea that you actually have to pay back the money on your credit card. No, they live their lives with little responsibility, they live their lives with the world focused onto them. They are the protagonist. 

Okay, so the papers the last few days have been reporting more African people assaulting Chinese people. In particular, a thought has come up in my mind. I’ve heard numerous stories of Caucasian people physically assaulting Chinese people all the time, yet these cases are rarely attributed to the race of the person. It really makes me wonder, if this is just White Worship to an extremity, that it’s nearly Stockholm Syndrome. Anyway, I’m not going to dabble into pseudo-science bullshit, I”ll let the facts speak for themselves.

This article has been trending within the Chinese social media circle. It’s been trending super hot, receiving than 100 comments. Bear in mind, you need the application known as ‘Wechat’ to access the comments. Anyway, the story goes into detail about the numerous cases of stolen smartphones, all perpetrated by an African gang. Then suddenly at the end of the article it goes:


Oh right, another new wave of 10 000 refugees are coming to Australia… are you ready?

Hahaha…sometimes I wonder, am I fucking living in Australia, or am I living in Iraq? I can’t even tell the difference now!

Okay, the crimes that have happened are disgusting. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if someone close to me or myself being targeted. But attacking asylum seekers? Seriously? Well, if you don’t know much about the super rich new Chinese migrants, they are very much on the right wing side of politics. These stray comments about Asylum seekers are not rare, in fact they are the common view held by them. I’m talking about the majority of course, but it’s all very contrasted compared to the Chinese migrants of 20+ years past.

Look at this article, reporting on how refugees are now enjoying a new life in Australia. You’d think the responses would all be well wishes? Nope, it’s just full of xenophobic bullshit.


Middle Eastern people are of low quality, not matter how much education they receive.


Of course, they’re good now!!! The government gives them money!!! Don’t even have to work!!!!!! Fuck you government!!!!

You’re probably thinking, I’m cherry picking an article with bad comments. Let me remind you, that the big numbers on the right side of the article, are ‘likes’. Anyway, I’ll give a few more examples.

This article talks about refugees settling in the Western suburbs of Sydney. As usual the comments section becomes somewhat bigoted.


Go back to where you’ve come from. Even if a Muslim isn’t a terrorist now, they will become one later.


Great, now that the Western suburbs are Muslim headquarters, the refugees will riot, then finally housing prices will drop! Hahaha

You think it’s the only issue that they have crazy conservative views on?

Here’s a spoiled rich brat talking about laws in Canada, unrelated to Australia but same socio-economic bracket, similar upbringing and backgrounds.  The article is here.

she said that Westerners were too liberal on issues like marijuana and the death penalty.


What really annoys me more than anything, is that these are the people that are representing Chinese people overseas. No longer you get the hard working economic migrants, instead you get spoiled brats who show off their sparkly shoes and BOY caps. Of course you can say  that the older generation empathised with the refugees, they were all migrants seeking to better their lives. Yes, the newly rich are also here for the betterment of their lives, except right after their parents or they themselves are have screwed over the Chinese environment so they can escape with their cosy millions/billions, where’s the accountability?

Liberal Party volunteers for Deakin MP Michael Sukkar – Herald Sun

I remember back in the 2000s, where it was unthinkable for a Chinese person to even think about voting for the Liberal party, it was stigmatised. Many Chinese back then still remember how it was the Labour party that had favourable views towards migration, how it was Whitlam who finally got rid of the last traces of the White Australia Policy. Still, of course you can say that parties evolve, very much like how the Democrats have in American politics. It’s just scary still, that they support a party that are against refugees. There are also financial incentives for them as well. The Liberal party are huge advocates for free trade agreements, like the one that was signed last year.

Still though, it’s crazy, that many have little foresight into the situations. They have understood the issues of being a perpetual foreigner. Yes, what I am trying to say is that they are so disconnected. They cannot see themselves in the shoes of refugees. They just have the view that everyone who is poorer than them has not “worked hard enough”.


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