Chinese Students Allegedly Robbed By Armed Men – Alleged Police Inaction

Please all take this with a grain of salt, as this is only one side of the story.

The story has flared up once again in terms of Chinese students being allegedly  robbed. This horribly written article though quite informational, documents the robberies which I will translate.

I will not translate the two previous cases again, which I have covered already over here.

This happened on the 2nd of March.


I want to go home! I’ve only been here for two months and now I’ve been robbed for the first time in my life!

Last night I was hungry so I went out! Once I got to the Hungry Jacks near Melbourne Central, two Black men blocked my way! They asked “Where is your fucking phone and money?” I saw that they were armed with a knife so I quickly gave them my phone and 50 dollars! Then they ran! I’m fine, don’t worry everyone! In the future just don’t go out at night! It feels like there are lots of Black people around the city at night! So Scary!

The article then goes on with previous incidents and gives a list on all the times Black people have robbed Chinese people.

He talks of one of his friends being sodomized by a Black person, this happened near Monash.

The next part after, talks about the police response to an incident. This is where the author accuses the police of inaction.

Now a translation of texts from a bystander who used GPS location software to track down the iPhone.

InterviewerCan I ask what brand is the phone you’ve lost? How much did you pay for it?

6 plus 64GB

Because the iPhone has location tracking software, I was able to track it down by 3am at night, then I called the police to tell them that I’ve found it.

Then what was their reaction?

She just said that the location tracking software isn’t always accurate, you can’t just go search someone’s house, you also can’t just search anyone on streets.

I said I can go with her together and help her recognise them.

She still wouldn’t.

What I am saying is, if the police don’t even react to being robbed on the city streets, then what are they.

She just said that these incidents happen all the time.

She just said that the police are very busy and have lots of important stuff to do.

Just kept pushing the issue around.

The author then updates at 1:53  with another incidence of police being useless.



Bad news! Just then a Chinese person was robbed of his Skyline (car) at Chadstone! He called the police, and the police would not come!! Then the security guards would not release the footage

I’m not familiar enough with the law on whether police are allowed to do searches so please think before commenting.

Also, the author might be very biased, as he seems to be pushing a racial agenda. I go more into detail about it here.


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