Personal Rants and Opinions #1 – Wongfu, Rich Kids and Dirk

Hmm, I’ve been procrastinating for a few days, not really doing much but eating and sleeping. There’s so much on my mind but I don’t know how to express myself, it’s all very murky. I’ve decided to just start a series of personal opinions and rants in regards to some topics I don’t want to go too in-depth with.


I just can’t seem to forget Wongfu and what they’ve done. As in done wrong.

Yeah, Wongfu used to be one of the bright shining lights of Asian American activism a few years ago. I’m not American so of course there’ll be missing elements in how I connect with them but I think  in general many Asians have similar struggles in their lives. Not going to talk about the obnoxious nouveau-riche just yet.

Now, Yellow Fever Part 2,  one of Wongfu’s latest videos just shows how hard they trying to pander towards their increasingly disinterested audience. It whitewashes so many issues and tries to lay the blame of Asian men’s social inequality on their own anger. I mean, the point were all quite easy to get and really going hard at the whitewashed Asian female market in terms of audience.

If you don’t want to watch the video, which I really don’t suggest because it’s a self hating piece of I’ve made and it’s now your problem then here are their points.

  • Philip Wang portrays himself as an angry Asian men who is irrational and made to look like a bumbling idiot. You’d think Wongfu  and their previous experience of trying to promote a positive image on Asian males wouldn’t have done this, especially in such a sell out manner. Gotta appeal to the wider market I guess.
  • The white washing of the objectification of Asian women, through the use of one well learned Caucasian men actually interested in Asian culture. Wongfu probably knows all about expat websites like   or online communities like /r/China, /r/Taiwan and /r/HongKong etc. These communities regularly objectify Asian women, hate on the local cultures and spread animosity between Asian people. Yeah…Wongfu, I get it, you want a share of the non-Asian market or to appeal more towards your largely female demographic….
  • More one sided portrayal of how Asian men are doing it to themselves in their heads. That most Asian women are dating Asian men still. True to the fact, but the issue is you cannot take into marriage numbers. Instances of 30+ Asian women marrying Asian guys to settle down, while only strictly dating non-Asian men happen too much.  Just go read some of the online dating preferences on sites such as, in which Asian men are at the bottom of the barrel.


Anyway, enough on Wongfu productions and how they’ve pretty much sold their own values to pursue a much more lucrative market.


What really grinds my gears is when I speak to a nouveau-riche kiddy and they give me their political views. Yes, I should just ignore it and move on but darn it does it frustrate me.

“Tony Abbott was great and Kevin Rudd is anti-Chinese”

Typical things that these kiddies or even adults in their 30’s say. Well, I’m not even surprised. I see bloody photos of heaps of rich Chinese people dressed in Liberal blue, supporting the NLP.

Nah, that’s just scraping the summit of what these goons sometimes come up with. I recently showed a mate of mine a disparaging piece by a University professor which put the Opium Wars in a positive light. His response?

“Who cares what they say? I’m rich, I’ll just buy more white girl prostitutes to fuck”

Yeah…I just didn’t know how to answer that as it was clear that we had very different mindsets.

But, these are the type of goons who will end up going back to China and running the show probably. Well I hope not, but most of their fathers are in high ranking political positions, and we all know about the nepotism that runs within Chinese society.


One of my mates recently shared with me a gem of a story about a sexpat named Dirk.

  • Dirk, hailing from Queensland, bragged about his 6 figure earnings and investments back home. However, Dirk never showed any sign of financial independence, living off his Taiwanese wife’s family and mostly spent his time getting high and partying.
  • Good old Dirky, borrowed money from the mate who shared me this story. Never gave it back. But he did show me the photos of legendary Dirk’s appearance. White, balding and lots of tattoos. He had tear drop tattoos on his face, as well as two full sleeves. His head was shaved poorly but looked as if he intended to be a Hitler Youth member.  Dirk was quite well built due to his Rugby playing days.
  • Dirk has made numerous comments while walking with my mate around the city. “Look at all these cockroaches” was one of his famous remarks towards Taiwanese people. He also has been kicked out of numerous clubs and bars in Taiwan as he regularly starts fights. Apparently if he any Asian guy dared to lock eyes with him, he would aggressive intimidate them.

Hmm, the sad thing is, Dirk isn’t even in the minority. People like Dirk give a horrible reputation to actual expats interested in learning and living the culture of the Asian countries they travel to.

Can’t really do much when it’s most of the society that enables them, generally through white worshipping…

Anyway if you actually read all this, thank you and have a nice day/evening or whatever.






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