The Hong Kong Riots and Why It All Peeves Me Off

Okay, I’m not a fan of the Chinese communist government at all. They suppress information and alter history. They’ve destroyed culture and twisted the truth so many times, that some parts of history we will never know now. However, what’s going on with the Hong Kong Riots, isn’t that far off. The western press have been writing this as some David vs Goliath of battle between Hong Kong and China, when it’s more like an abusive child throwing his toys at his parents.

Tensions have flared up again in Hong Kong. Riots have sprung up over the eviction of illegal street vendors, or this is what the Western media sites have been reporting. There’s another side of the story, and that is this riot was very much planned and instigated by the right wing extremist group, Hong Kong Indigenous.  No one really talks about how all these Hong Kong Indigenous groups are causing havoc on the streets. Like actual havoc.

Watch the above video. Seriously, how come the Western press never publishes the students destroying store fronts and lobbing artillery at the police? Instead this is what you get.

“Hong Kong riot police fire warning shots in bloody street clashes” – Reuters

Oh yes, ignore the fact the students went right after the police. That they didn’t restrain themselves at all in what they were doing against the police. Only look at the small tidbits in which the police fought back in self defence.

Every single time, these riots get brought up, everyone is always like…oh those poor students. Yeah, there is a large portion of these students who protested peacefully back in 2014 but so much of the other side of the story is lost. Maybe journalists are just getting lazy these days and just pull the Uncle Sam line and tries to make China look bad. Yes, the Chinese government is bad. Still, you have to tell the truth, do you want a twisted version of justice? then you become just as bad as the Chinese government.

Let’s look at their peaceful protests. Even then it’s full of lies and deceit. The simplest one is the hunger strike. Yes, they ended it quite prematurely and the Western press reported so.

Then here’s a famous photo, that only made passes within Asian media, for some reason the Western press never picked it up.


“When you eat congee, it’s not eating because you are on a hunger strike.”

Bloody great, so what constitutes as eating now? I mean the bloody girls have the words “Hunger Strike” written on the their heads.

Then there’s this, a bunch of students trying to storm the parliament. Stopping democratic process

Occupy, had some nice peaceful protests at the start. I actually didn’t mind them. It showed the good parts of Chinese culture. The disgusting thing is, that all the negatives parts have been covered up. I could go on and on about more evidence in how, some parts of the protests were not peaceful at all but you probably can see my point. There’s been a huge manipulation of the data shown within the west.  There is a difference in there being no further evidence and withholding evidence.

This Facebook post has been translated by a pro-China HK blog, which you can check out if you’re interested in seeing more of the other side. Some of the above stuff was introduced to me from this blog as well.

This was in reply to Nicholas Tse saying “We are all Chinese”.


How are we one family? Those animals are worse than the dog in my home. My dog wouldn’t urinate or defecate everywhere on the street. Your mother, Nicholas Tse! Hongkongers do not jump queues. Bastard! Hongkongers don’t cross the border illegally. Your father! Hongkongers don’t steal milk powder and hospital bed space. Bastard. Hong Kong children are not Double No’s (neither parents are Hongkongers). If you fucking like that as a family, your mother! you ought to go back to China and play games with those beasts. You suck up to those dickfaces! I used to like your songs! But at this moment, I am going to tell you to eat shit! Bastard! Also, we carry Hong Kong ID’s, not Home Visit Permits! Dickface!

This is pretty much the abuse that is directed at Chinese people. I get it sometimes as well if I try to talk about both sides of the story. Well it is fair in the sense that the Chinese hurl insults back but rarely at such extremities that is common. Also that whenever Chinese hurl insults, it’s pretty much readily covered by the Western press.

 Some Hong Kong people pretty much dehumanize Chinese people. Regarding them as subhuman, because they were never a colony of the British Empire. The very same British Empire which relegated the Chinese people living there to a lower class.

I’m not a fan of the Chinese government, nor do I like the fact that Western manipulates so hard when talking about the Hong Kong protests. Perhaps in the future, if both sides of the stories were shown, stop showing them as beings of superhuman integrity and display, that they are humans capable of doing wrong as well.



3 thoughts on “The Hong Kong Riots and Why It All Peeves Me Off

  1. shiroyuni

    The hate war between HKers and Chinese only serves to intensify internal animosity within a group of people who are ultimately trace back to the same roots. While being a part of China is a somewhat inevitable future state of affairs and their anger after being under a different political system for so long is understandable, bringing things so far to a point of hurling insults of the worst kind at each other ultimately doesn’t do any good to any side in the long run. In dehumanizing those who are going to be looked at ‘the same way’ by others, it probably only succeeds in creating a laughing spectacle of the entire issue, and negatively affecting the international reputation of the Chinese as a race in general.

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