The Absurdity of Harry Potter’s New Magic School in Asia

J.K Rowling recently announced the inclusion of a few new wizarding schools into the Harry Potter world. The Japanese one, Mahoutokoro, caught my eye. Especially in where it’s geographically placed.

I just have lots of questions to ask.

Well Mahoutokoro resides on the summit of Minami Iwo Jima. It’s not exactly inconspicuous in any manner, compared to the other schools. Brazil’s  Castelobruxo is described to be somewhere within the rainforests. Uagadou is mentioned to be in “The Mountains of the Moon” and no one really knows where it is. Meanwhile Mahoutokoro is given an actual named non-fiction island.

Yes, I know of the protective spells around places like Hogwarts, which disallows muggles (non-magical people) form entering or seeing. It’s just that, if Muggles see ruins of a castle when near Hogwarts, what will they see when on Minami Iwo Jima?

Ruins of a palace? Wouldn’t there be questions asked on why or who would construct a palace on this island. For there to be the ruins of a palace on a pretty much uninhabited island, will definitely intrigue the Muggles. Plus, Minami Iwo Jima can be seen from sea, it’s not exactly big and you’d have to put how many thousands of charms for people just to restrict them from going near the Ogasawara island chain in general.


Aerial View of Minami Iwo Jima

Yes, there is Azkaban, which is somewhere in the North Sea, but this is very different from Minami Iwo Jima, where it’s an actual mapped out landmark on the map. It destroys a small part of the mysteriousness within the Harry Potter universe, as beforehand places like Hogwarts or Godric’s Hollow were entirely fictional.

The fact that  Quidditch players on the island have to keep an eye out for “planes from the muggle airbase on a neighboring island.” just seems a bit over the top.  Are Wizards now going into military bases to clear out memories frequently?

I wonder what happened during World War 2, they surely can’t have cleansed out the memories of an entire US Navy fleet that went past these islands, or similarly the Imperial Japanese Navy.  Surely, Rowling shouldn’t have picked such a controversial area, she could have easily placed the school in some “forests/mountains of Japan” type area. Now instead, I just get reminded of the Battle of Iwo Jima, when I think of Mahoutokoro.




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