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Protests across US set over officer Peter Liang’s conviction – Global Times

This is going to be a short post, mainly to spread awareness on Peter Liang’s situation.

More than 10,000 people will reportedly join rallies across the US next week to protest the conviction of a Chinese-American police officer for killing a man with a bullet which ricocheted, with the local Chinese-American community calling the verdict a “result of politics, not justice.”

Source: Protests across US set over officer Peter Liang’s conviction – Global Times

Finally the Asian community is fighting back over the injustice of Peter Liang’s conviction of manslaughter. Liang has been used a scapegoat by the NYPD, making him an representative of police shootings. It is very odd indeed that Liang was one of the very few convicted for an accidental shooting whilst many Caucasian police officers have gotten away free of charge, for instance Pantaleo’s fatal choking. In other cases much further reduced charges, for instance this police officer only received one year for manslaughter. Privilege or justice?

Help spread awareness of this racially motivated decision, hopefully Liang will get a fairer trial. Check out this analysis of the jury, to see how skewed it was.



Chinese Students Allegedly Robbed On University Campus

According to this news story from the Melbourne Chinese Youth Club, a group of 5 African men have been allegedly robbing university students near the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus. This alleged group have been mainly targeting international students for their expensive smartphones.

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Comfort Women, Australian Guilt and Response

The issue of comfort women have come up again and this time even closer to home. No, I am not talking about my mind. I am talking about Australia, where I live. Jan Ruff-O’Herne, now 93, was a victim of the massive sexual slavery program now commonly known as comfort women. Jan’s brave fight for justice has seen little opposition with the Australian public, except for a few Japanese enthusiasts.  She has also inspired the local Chinese population into, once again, thinking about asking for the justice that thousands of living women in China have not received.

“The tears were streaming down my face as he raped me. It seemed as though he would never stop,”

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Personal Rants and Opinions #1 – Wongfu, Rich Kids and Dirk

Hmm, I’ve been procrastinating for a few days, not really doing much but eating and sleeping. There’s so much on my mind but I don’t know how to express myself, it’s all very murky. I’ve decided to just start a series of personal opinions and rants in regards to some topics I don’t want to go too in-depth with. Continue reading

The Hong Kong Riots and Why It All Peeves Me Off

Okay, I’m not a fan of the Chinese communist government at all. They suppress information and alter history. They’ve destroyed culture and twisted the truth so many times, that some parts of history we will never know now. However, what’s going on with the Hong Kong Riots, isn’t that far off. The western press have been writing this as some David vs Goliath of battle between Hong Kong and China, when it’s more like an abusive child throwing his toys at his parents.

Tensions have flared up again in Hong Kong. Riots have sprung up over the eviction of illegal street vendors, or this is what the Western media sites have been reporting. There’s another side of the story, and that is this riot was very much planned and instigated by the right wing extremist group, Hong Kong Indigenous.  No one really talks about how all these Hong Kong Indigenous groups are causing havoc on the streets. Like actual havoc.

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Taiwanese Student Association’s Vice President Calls Chinese People ‘Dogs’

The former vice president of the Melbourne University Taiwanese Student’s Association, Jacky was caught making abusive comments towards Chinese people.

墨尔本大学台湾同学会的 副总统 Jacky 上线骂中国人。

Jacky called people from the Chinese mainland ‘dogs’, whilst laughing at the frustrations of other Chinese people.

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Fall of Ming and Contemporary Society

Recently stumbled upon the movie “Fall of Ming” whilst browsing Reddit. It’s a relatively obscure film that many people don’t know about, as it came out in 2013, within the middle of the Tiny Times (a horrible movie series) craze. What surprised me the most about this movie, was the accuracy of it’s portrayal of the Ming period, be it fashion or setting. There is some cheesiness in the movies, probably due to budgeting with poor CGI or having to play around censors. Still, in all the movie was definitely well done and enjoyable.  Also since this was a movie sanctioned by the Chinese state, it surprisingly was able to escape censors, despite underlying critical themes.

Critics have lauded the movie as some sort of anti-communist party allegory, in regards to how the CCP was losing control of China, in the same way the Ming. But for me, the film hit a much deeper place. The film was able to critique Chinese society through a plethora of light symbolism, in which the real ailment of society that the doctor, Wu Youke, was trying to cure was society itself.

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