Toxic Asian Players, Not Everyone Can Be the Protagonist – League of Legends OCE


OCE is famous for being one of the most toxic League of Legends regions, but there are a subgroup of players that have ascended the levels of toxicity beyond what was thought humanely capable.

The question is, why are these  players so toxic? What drives them to insult people or AFK from one death? What makes them feel so blameless? What coerces them to buy multiple accounts? What makes them type “sb” in the middle of teamfights? There could be a million questions but I’m going to answer only a few.

This is a guide for those who have been scarred.

Note:  Please remember that these players only represent a minority of the people in Asian countries. Imagine the social outcasts and neckbeard basement dweller types, or just generally disconnected rich people.

Examples of Abuse

The most used word

SB – Shortened version of Sha Bi which means stupid cunt in Chinese.

SB1 oce


These players are very sensitive, if anything goes poorly. It will never be their fault.

For instance this Swain, because of Maokai’s inability to gank due to Swain pushing to the other team’s towers so fervently, decides to sit in lane and type for 30 seconds. In that 30 seconds he could have been CSing or ganking lanes, showing Maokai how it’s ‘done’.

spends half a minute typing

This Chinese Malphite decides to feed because his teammate simply said “Can we stop engaging?”

I just feeding oce lol


This Filipino Jinx and Pantheon duo continually chases an Azir. Dies and decides to AFK.

pinoyweeaboo cannot accept reality


This Lee Sin is a very good example of how many Fresh of the Boat Chinese players speak grammar wise. This is a very common insult, except they will type it out a few hundred times.

you are really suck

For instance, this Lucian uses the multiple F word technique in conjunction with an AFK threat, sadly he does not know yet how to say AFK, so is forced to use the word B for base.


The Famous Australia Korean Gaming Clan

Then there’s the famous, Australian Korean Gaming  clan (AKG) which used to be so famous for toxicity that they have created their own method of reporting their own players.

AKG Report Form

Not just that, they’ve been known to be ‘gaming‘ the system, among various transgressions. Their AMA on the OCE League of Legends forums is filled with racial slurs and hate towards the group in general, due to AKG’s nefarious reputation.

This is a very good example of a few AKG members destroying the reputation for the rest of them.

Just Google Search

OCE players are getting sick of this shit. You have Reddit threads popping up about how toxic the server has become. A simple google search on Chinese/Korean League of Legends in OCE, generally brings up very negative results.

Google search, League of Legends China


Some are rich and spoiled

Firstly, I’d like to remind people again, that these kids who are trolling hard on League of Legends, are not a good representation of the people in Asia, in real life. Most of these kid are very entitled due to their family being very wealthy. As well as that League of Legends being a videogame, people are far more likely to be rude.

China’s average monthly wage according to the ILO was $613 USD in 2013. This means that in a year, the average Chinese person will earn $7356 USD.  Rent alone in Australia for a month averages at around $600 USD. The average Chinese person cannot afford accommodation already. Without counting school fees in Australia, where the cheapest starts at $7000 AUD a year,

Rich Chinese kids make up a large part of these players from my own experience. To be able to even come to Australia on any wage in China, you have to be incredibly rich.

Country Birth Rate per 1000 people World Ranking out of 224 Nations
China 12.49 159
Taiwan 8.47 216
South Korea 8.19 220
Source: CIA World Factbook

Due to East Asian demographic development, in which families have been shrinking every decade. Nations such as China, South Korea and Taiwan feature some of the lowest birth rates in the world. This means, these rich kids generally have no siblings to compete with. Imagine a family, in which all 4 grandparents and 2 parents have their attentions focused on their baby child, giving them whatever they want, while also being incredibly rich. That kid is going to most likely grow up selfish right?

Nationalism – Someone in their Country Was Good At LoL

Chinese – Chinese teams have reached the finals of the World Championship twice.

Taiwanese – Season 2 was won by the Taipei Assassins and they have always overachieved for the resources they have.

Koreans – Have won 3 World Championships and generally dominates at all tiers of the game.

There’s national pride at stake. If you’re from one of these countries, you have to play well, as you are representing your nation in a foreign server. No one knows you’re nationality yet, but when they see your awesome Riven outplay, you can say “I’m Chinese”.

Then there’s the arrogance, they think they are better than you at League of Legends, because they have played in a more competitive solo queue.

Little Wang

Put yourself in the shoes of Little Wang.

  • Little Wang was praised by his family for being smart and beautiful
  • Little Wang got every toy he ever wanted.
  • Little Wang won every game and competition he entered. He never saw the red bags Mr Wang gave out.
  • Little Wang had the ears of everyone when he spoke, everyone listened to how good he was at everything and how he deserved to be the best.
  • Little Wang never studied but still got the best marks. Then one day he had to go to Australia in order to keep his marks up.

Suddenly his world was turned upside down. He came to his foreign country without his parents. He was failing all the tests. His dad was no longer there to give red bags to the teachers. All he had left to turn to League of Legends. He was good at Riven. Even if he failed all his classes, he could become a Riven main and become a pro player, because OCE sucks right?

  • Little Wang then proceeds to lock into solo queue every game, with the same strategy of pushing top lane alone.
  • Astoundingly his teammates, who speak gibberish do not listen to his calls in Chinese
  • Little Wang is so angry at the fact, that there are people stupid enough to not listen to him, he decided to verbally abuse them.
  • After a few games, he has lost hope. Little Wang decides to AFK if his teammate dares to take one minion or even say anything constructive towards him.
  • Little Wang plays with other Little Wangs he has met that hold the same opinion and they live on through their Little Wang world.
Of course Little Wang could’ve easily added one of those QQ number accounts that are on top of the Challenger leaderboards, as they are elo boosters in plain sight.

The End – I could go on and go with more examples but I’d rather not bore you. Also, if you have any screenshots of more abuse from Asian players in solo queue please e-mail me. I am hoping to start a PSA movement within the Asian community on repairing the reputation of Asian players.




9 thoughts on “Toxic Asian Players, Not Everyone Can Be the Protagonist – League of Legends OCE

    1. Michael Post author

      I think you got the wrong point of the article. I’m talking about how a minority is making a majority look bad. The issue is that these rich kids are so spoiled that they can’t see the reality of the situation.


  1. Anonymous

    I used to play in NA but recently I move to Malaysia. So I joined OCE server since it’s the nearest and what I found out is that OCE has the most toxic players in LoL. I can’t tell what nationality their from. All I know it’s bad enough that I have to mute everyone from the beginning of every match. Also, OCE have bad players in both attitude and skill compare to NA.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. asdf

    lol those chink chinese taiwanese, basically lowly chink chinese overall surely are so cheap and spoiled. Pay no attention to those fugly eneducated china chinks. Generally seeing better manner from JP/KR folks than those chinks and pinoy other south east asian clueless troll kids.


  3. Walkie Talkie

    Full of assumption and bias man, the Little Wang example was a joke! Article implies the Chinese are the problem! OCE community is toxic regardless of nationality, I’ve seen greater toxicity from the racist portion of Australian players (take the AMA post for example). Often it’s not the Chinese who troll to start with. Someone else almost ALWAYS triggers them, and those who don’t speak English retaliate in their own way e.g. AFK/troll


  4. Anonymous

    Baka is Japanese.
    i admit some of the chinese players are toxic, but i have met many toxic white people as well, or black idk, in NA server. its more likely a personal behavior rather than a races issue. You fucking racist. Though all those toxic players should be eliminated from the game, to make it a better world



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