Taiwan’s Election and A Comic

Recently Tsai Ing Wen has just become the first female president of the Republic of China. There are however many issues to be found within both major parties of Taiwan. The main one being that Tsai runs on a platform that supports discriminatory viewpoints towards mainland Chinese.

I am going to explain a comic through my own views from the artist Old Pei, who can be found here, as to share some light on the recent Taiwanese elections.

The Democratic Progressive Party are generally identified with the colour green, whilst their rivals, the Kuomintang “The Nationalist Party” (KMT) are commonly identified by the colour blue.

DPP KMT two face 1

The DPP is known for their anti-Chinese and pro-independence stance, whilst the KMT is known for advocating the status  quo. The DPP has a much louder voice, you’d rarely ever see KMT supporters in the west. Just using the example of social media, Taiwanese independence and Pan Green groups are much more common than Pan Blue ones.For instance on Reddit, a western website, it is almost unheard of to see a Pan Blue supporter, as they are heavily scrutinized.  Comments stereotyping against Chinese people as degenerate are very common within such communities, ignoring more logical reasons such as a different education and background. Two Faced Taiwan2 en

The President is generally seen as an American puppet by some. This is because the US military is the main factor in keeping Taiwan independent. The president can be seen as representing the interests of the the US, as they are also allies with other US backed states like South Korea and Japan.

Two Faced Taiwan3 en

The United States seeks peaceful relations with China, as it is beneficial for their economy. As a declaration of Taiwanese independence, would antagonise China and destabilise a already fragile region, the leader of Taiwan must keep the status quo. Which is why the newly elected President Tsai Ing-Wen hopes to at least keep cordial relations with China, in order to gain the respect of the US.

Two Faced Taiwan4 enThese two strips, show a very docile DPP. It also depicts the bipolar nature of the DPP party. In front of the west, the DPP screams messages of peace but yet when confronting their Chinese brethren, the wording becomes far more vulgar.


In conclusion, the DPP party is merely a change of paint for the Taiwanese people, which might strain Chinese relations, but yet still tight walk through China and America’s interests. It remains to be seen if Tsai can change Taiwan’s stagnant economy of the last 16 years. The most likely change through the reign of Tsai, is less deals with China, which will appease the anti-China section of Taiwan. This might actually have a even more negative effect on the Taiwanese economy, as tourism from the mainland may further decline if discrimination is to persist.


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