How Some Hong Kong People Think of The Mainland

A bunch of old infographics by a Hong Kong artist that show Chinese Mainland people are less than human. If this shit was posted on any other group of human beings, it’d be labelled as ‘racist’ or ‘discriminatory’.

A few examples of the stupidity that Hong Kong people spout in order to colour themselves different from people who are genetically and culturally nearly the same, only separated by a visage of being civilized and English due to being colonised.

Baseless stereotypes that make people look inhuman right below.


chinese hong kong toilet

I’ve stayed in both nations and I can tell you, I have never seen a toilet like the left one in both countries. Maybe, I don’t travel to the countryside? Well good job on shitting over peasants who toil their whole lives away so many Hong Kong businessmen can make millions. I mean if you so don’t badly want to reject their heritage, then stop using toilet paper, it’s a Chinese invention.


chinese hong kong manipulation

No one wants to be enslaved. These people are being manipulated by the Chinese government. If this artist was born in China, he’d be brainwashed all the same.

Also people who liked this on Facebook in Hong Kong, should look into the history of British Hong Kong, where Chinese were segregated from the British.  Chinese people, unless servants, were not allowed near Victoria Peak, as well as many schools also being closed off to Chinese people.


chinese hong kong food

Yeah, the Chinese all eat bloody poison because they are dying off pollution so Hong Kong people can enjoy their goods at lower prices. This allows Hong Kong owned factories in China to generate wealth. You have to trade off you know, if you don’t the Chinese food to be poisoned, maybe stop trying to capitalise off cheap labour costs?

chinese hong kong language


Mandarin is a language that exists as a Lingua Franca, like French, English or Spanish. If otherwise you’re going to have people having issues understanding each other in each country. This is like lambasting English for being younger than Latin. Also, there are over 50 million more Cantonese speakers in Mainland China, are those people uncultured?


Base generalisation and dehumanisation of 1.3 billion people. Need I say more?

chinees hong kong heart

I could go and bore you, but as you can see, that some Hong Kong people have a large chip on their shoulder. Being the colonial coolies of British in the people in the past, having to be promoted to entrepreneurship, I guess the next step is to hate on the poor and unfortunate with no education. Is this how progression works? You tell me.

This is a dangerous mindset indeed, I can understand the fears of people being taken over by the Chinese communist party but objectifying a entire group of people into something less than human is what Nazi Germany would do, Hong Kong people should have higher standards than this.


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