The Deal of Injustice Towards Comfort Women

Okay, this is going to be filled with anger and salt. There’s going to be lots of rushed grammar mistakes but I beg of you to read into this issue. This is a very short post that’s only here to tell you of the problem and there are many different parts of the conflict I implore you to research at your danger, as much of the history is extremely not safe for work.

Recently the Japanese and South Korean governments have agreed on a deal in resolving the the dispute of Japanese war crimes, predominantly comfort women. The paltry sum of $8.3 million isn’t even a fucking band aid, it’s an insult to the thousands of surviving comfort women that have endured decades of suffering and denial from the Japanese government.

If you don’t know what comfort women are, then I’ll go into details, I’m not going to post photos, because the fucking shit the Japanese don’t is disgusting. During World War 2, The Japanese forced hundreds of thousands of women from all over Asia into sexual slavery, some of these women, were barely in their teens. Yes, there were children being forced into these acts! Many women had to have their uterus removed due to the amount of rape they were subjected to. Here’s a good quote on the lasting effects of being constantly raped everyday from that Wikipedia article.

“Approximately three quarters of comfort women died, and most survivors were left infertile due to sexual trauma or sexually transmitted diseases.”

Do you know what the Japanese government said about all this? They the women were ‘deviants’ and wilfully entered into these contracts of slavery and that these women were prostitutes!  Honestly, it’s enough that you fucking go and rape these women for nearly a decade and then you blame the victims. What’s more, visits to the Yasukuni Shrine by the current Japanese Minister is quite a frequent ideal. This is a piece of shit stone built in memory of the war criminals who help perpetrate such crimes like Unit 731, Nanking and of course Comfort Women. Imagine if such a shrine existed to the Nazis of Germany? and that Angela Merkel would go and visit it to pay her respects, the outrage would be enormous.

But I’d like to highlight that Japan’s government has been re-writing textbooks. Yes, Japan has suffered greatly in World War 2 as well, but the world knows about this and people are in solidarity and many people in the west are in acknowledgement of Japan’s suffering. I mean, my teacher went out of his way to teach Sadako’s Thousand Paper Cranes to me when I was 10, and this was in Australia! They have also have had apologies rejected by the Japanese government, for fears of straining the alliance with the US. But Honestly, most people just want Japan to act more like Germany in how they are publicly sorry for what they have to done to their victims. It goes oppositely and Japan to this day is one of the most xenophobic nations in the world.

Anyway, I don’t see this news angering many in the west, as there heaps of deniers and Japanese apologists among Western ranks, due to Japanese culture being incredibly popular. I mean I enjoy the odd anime and videogame from Japan, but fight for Japan’s stance in their denial of sexual slavery and warcrimes is disgusting.

Park Guen-Hye is just showing how disconnected she is. There is over 60% opposition for this deal in South Korea and yet she defends it.  Yes, there is American pressure on them to be friends with Japan but this is a matter that should not be resolved lightly. The victims have done over 1000 protests in South Korea over this injustice, they didn’t spend 2 decades worth of Wednesdays for the issue to be swept under the rug.

I urge you, that if you have any humanity to spread the word on the injustice of what Japan is doing and what South Korea is signing away. You can continue to enjoy your animes and videogames, but please this is some totally different and please weaboos of the world. I beg of you to drop  your keyboards and samurai swords and stop defending the Japanese government with replies such as “But look at this Wikipedia article, Japan apologised! Baka!” or “The Japanese people endured two atomic bombs, leave Britney Japan alone!”. Anyway, you can scroll down to the bottom of the favourite weaboo Wiki article to see why those apologies are pretty insincere, and well the over-looming issue of trying to bury those skeletons and play the victim.  You can say that the majority of people in nations in nearly all East Asia and Southeast Asia countries are wrong, yes you can and you can also be an idiot. 


I apologise for the insincere tone in the last paragraph but nothing rustles my jimmies more than people barging on a political issue with motivations in regards to electronic entertainment fanboyism. I have nothing against the Japanese people and I myself enjoy Japanese culture, especially it’s amazing food and entertainment industry as much as any weaboo but I strongly fill that these two aspects should be separated from political arguments. Please spread the news about this issue and help these women on their last legs.


3 thoughts on “The Deal of Injustice Towards Comfort Women

  1. Joe Mccarthy

    There aren’t “thousands of surviving comfort women”. In South Korea, there are about fifty surviving former comfort women who have come forward.


    1. Michael Post author

      Deals of political convenience sets a precedent for lack of future justice. Which means this also affects the all the victims in other countries as well, such as China, Taiwan, the Philippines and other nations.



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