Taiwan, self hate and racism

Taiwan, not Republic of China, not Formosa, not Chinese Taipei, not Thailand, not Asian…wait, they are Asian. Anyway there’s been this issue that’s been on my mind lately and it’s related to the Taiwan MRT ‘scandal’.

As you can see by this video, the Taiwanese man was not in the right to really harass that guy. However, the outrage at this event was quite peculiar. Let’s look at some videos of similar events, but with a white men harassing Asians.

Now, this video shows a Caucasian gentlemen hurling insults at people and seems to be quite angry at the whole predicament of living in a society with Chinese culture (Sorry DPP fans). You could even say he is…racist? Anyway the whole fiasco is downplayed as some crazy foreigner and the editor tries to make the video look like it’s just a funny joke cause Asians and crazy white guy.

Alright, then there’s this one, it’s an old Caucasian gentleman berating a young Asian man. Looks like some prim and proper colonialism, obviously that Caucasian gentleman was just putting this stupid Asian coolie in his place, am I right guys, I mean how could he wear a shirt saying ‘I am special’? Well this video did cause a small amount of outrage from the Singaporean community but it continued a debate on anti-Singaporean focus from other Asians. Maybe Singapore is a nation that is clinging a bit too hard to their old colonial masters but that is a debate for another time.

Do you guys remember this video from a few years ago? This chick then went onto appear in some TV shows and got more than her fair share of 15 minutes of fame. I mean it’s in her right yeah, darn foreigners with their Ching Chong Wing Wongs!

Here’s a video on the aftermath, of the incident. Anyway the reporters said he has lost face. Loss of face, oh lord, now I how do I bloody get a A+ for that maths test so I can be forced to become a doctor/lawyer/accountant and have no social skills due to stupid left cultural legacy.

Okay, now back to the Taiwanese MRT incident, the perpetrator was arrested. He lost his job.  A national debate happened on this incident. Taiwan was very sorry. There’s this hilarious comment from a ‘Taiwanese’ commenter on Quora in regards to what Taiwan thinks about this culprit.

C84kzNHI mean sure, it’s hard to verify whether this guy is Taiwanese since the only evidence is his verbal declaration but I can tell you as an Asian, I’ve heard these lines regarding bad people being ‘Mainland Chinese’ or Korean all the time. The Japanese are the only good bunch in East Asia though, because Stockholm syndrome is great, I mean Japan is cool with White people…uh, it’s the culture guys. I do admit to Japan having great culture but voting in Presidents who worship war criminals who committed atrocities in China and Korea is going a bit too far. I could rip out hundreds more of these similar types of comments from whatever sites from ‘Taiwanese’ people but honestly, you can go have a look it yourself and if you need help translating it, feel free to ask me.

But, anyway the SJW community in China struck back with a parody of Asian men looking fucking horrid, giving him the William Hung treatment, I’m not going to link it, you can find it yourself but honestly, is more racism the key to this debate? Should Asians start making videos about how all the White people residing their nations are drop outs who can’t find a job elsewhere and is living on the generosity of Hollywood’s soft power? No. The reinforcement of further stereotypes isn’t going to get anywhere but some certain deranged people think so.

Let’s try to look into the motivations of this Taiwanese bloke, who I will call Liao, as that is his surname. Anyway, it’s no bloody surprise that White guys dominate the dating scene in Taiwan. Look at this Turkish bloke’s story in Taiwan.  He was able to sleep with 500 Taiwanese women consensually. Yes consensually. He was acquitted of rape charges because it turns out, he is just banging it, and his secret to it? “Be White”. It’s an issue with the general Taiwanese populations glorification of white people. Sure, it is the fault of these people exploiting the situation, it’s the girl who put that phallus in the vagina. This has led to further situations where Taiwanese males have to resort to dating, well importing to be more precise girls from poorer countries. There’s even a whole Wikipedia article dedicated to Vietnamese mail order prides in Taiwan. I don’t know what this Liao bloke has been going through but he certainly ain’t the most handsome and I’m sure he is having some serious pent up sexual frustration.

Now, sex isn’t the only reason that this Liao guy would be aggravated by this white dude living in Taiwan. This dude could have a masters degree in Engineering or some other whatever super difficult thing and probably earn less than some random fair skinned foreigner teaching English. Gooverseas.com  lists that an ESL teacher can earn up to $40 American dollars an hour. Bear in mind that Taiwan’s cost of living and salary is far lower than the USA. An already lucrative wage in the US, this is an enormous wage in Taiwan, where the minimum salary is 115 NTD or roughly $3.50 USD per hour. If you are down on your luck in the west and you’re a male, going to Taiwan to teach English seems like a pretty darn good prospect, just remember to be White as many of these schools don’t hire Asians.  The issue here stems from the society of Taiwan again, is it that weird fetish for Hollywood films or the fact people like Dee Hsu (Taiwanese Oprah) seems to holler out in broken English to look more refined, well I don’t know and I want to know cause it’s bloody wrong.

Can Taiwan be changed? You tell me, I mean the nation could change it’s name to White Wang. The identity crisis is probably the largest issue in the nation, it’s a huge talking point in the elections and the whole issue is so complex that the thousands of books and articles explaining it just makes you more confused. Be it Taiwan, Republic of China, Formosa or Chinese Taipei, the nation needs to actually see some issue in their fetishization of the west, as not only does it damage relations with their immediate neighbours, the actual moral issue of being incredibly biased and discriminatory to other East Asian nations barring Japan just isn’t right.

Also Taiwanese people,  please stop bloody apologising like you guys committed Unit 731 on America for this incident.

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