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Behind LPL’s Failures – Society is the Issue


LPL and the CSL, the demented connection, it’a nationwide problem

The poorly name Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in China is famous for it’s extravagant spending, oddly named teams and signing of Korean pros as. It’s almost a complete replication of the other types of sports and entertainment leagues that exist in China.

The premier association football competition of China is the Chinese Super League (CSL), I like to think the ‘super’ relates to the cash. It’s famous for it’s extravagant spending, oddly named clubs and signings of Brazilians. Sound familiar?

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A Brief Look on Social Credit

Alright, I will be honest, the motivation for this article is from after watching Extra Credits’ take on the issue, which did an okay job on explaining the basics of the system and the dangers it pose on society through manipulation. If you haven’t watched the video and don’t intend to watch the video, you could read this BBC article instead. But to put it very briefly, China’s social credit scheme is China trying to quantify people’s loyalty to them in numbers. Your number (score) is affected by your everyday doings such as purchases or internet activity and in turn this score affects belonging in the society. Continue reading

Taiwan, self hate and racism

Taiwan, not Republic of China, not Formosa, not Chinese Taipei, not Thailand, not Asian…wait, they are Asian. Anyway there’s been this issue that’s been on my mind lately and it’s related to the Taiwan MRT ‘scandal’.

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Little Emperors Abroad

A recent article on a Chinese media article from a Chinese overseas community website caught my eye. It was a report on the hospitalisation Chinese actress Li Bing Bing whilst filming in Australia. Now the article with a link here states that Li Bing Bing’s Australian doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause of Li’s flu.  The reason, this article caught my eye was the comments of the netizens that were placed along with the article, that was used as a sort of ‘evidence’ in that Australian healthcare was inferior to that of the Chinese system.

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